Dream about Stand Up Comedy

Dream about stand up comedy is about your self worth and what you have to offer to the world. You are able to see beyond the surface and look at what is on the inside. You are embracing someone else. Your dream symbolises a strong creative energy that cannot be ignored. There is something that requires precision and accuracy.

Stand up comedy is a hint for your drive and ambition. You feel that someone or some situation is sucking the life right out of you. You feel that you can’t be who you really are. Your dream is a message for a need for love and acceptance. Your inner creative energy has yet to blossom and grow into expression.

Stand up comedy in dream expresses something that you need to let go or see go. You are rejecting your inner child. You are liberating an aspect of yourself that you have been suppressing or that you have previously not expressed. The dream signifies spiritual protection and enlightenment. You are experiencing a lot of resistance toward your goals.

Dream about stand up comedy represents sensuality, intensity and drama

There is something important holding you back. You are broadening your mind and opening yourself to new experiences. The dream denotes your individualism and qualities that sets your apart from others. You need to pay attention and become aware of something unique and special occurring in your life.

Stand up comedy is a harbinger for a simpler way of life. You are drawing the line and creating boundaries. You are feeling empowered and confident about your abilities. The dream is a clue for comfort, contentment, pleasure and peace in your current life. You need to add a little more excitement and variety to you life.

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I was at work and I had to do a standup comedy sketch. I did the sketch but nobody laughed. I was not bothered that there was silence or nobody laughed – I just said. ‘Oh well’