Dream about Swimming In Ocean At Night

Dream about swimming in ocean at night is a hint for a resolution to a problem. Your hard work and effort will pay off in the end. You are unsure of where you are headed in life. Your dream is unfortunately an alert for forgotten memories. Your efforts and energies are too focused on short term goals and not on preparing for the long term of the future.

Swimming in ocean at night is a premonition for a bad habit which you have unsuccessfully tried to break. You need to take it easy and not be too hard on yourself. You are not feeling grounded. This dream is sadly a warning for bad news, bereavement, or grief. There is something that you want to get off your chest.

Swimming in ocean at night in dream signifies the consequences of your own temper. You will let nothing stand in your way of ambitions and obtaining your goals, even if it means hurting those around you. You may be trying to fill an emotional void. This dream is unfinished emotional business related to your childhood family, dead relatives, or repressed memories and feelings. You are feeling lost and do not know which way you are going.

Dream about swimming in ocean at night signals your anxieties and insecurities over the notion that loved ones might disappear out of your life

You may not be making yourself clear to others. Your subconscious feelings must be confronted and dealt with before it gets out of control and expresses itself in a violent manner. Your dream signifies your ability to block out certain aspects of a problem. You have kept your feelings inside for too long and it is erupting uncontrollably.

Swimming in ocean at night is sadly an admonition for your vulnerability, confusion and frailty. You do not know what direction to take. You feel that you are not good enough. Your dream is an alert for death, old age or an ending of something. You are not able to escape from the daily responsibilities of your life.

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