Dream about Swimming Like A Mermaid

Dream about swimming like a mermaid is a hint for a sticky situation or relationship that is falling apart or that is unstable. You may be feeling smothered in some relationship. Someone is asking for your permission. This dream is sadly an admonition for a blemish or minor problem. There is something that you are ready to get off your mind.

Swimming like a mermaid is unfortunately an admonition for lost or missed opportunities. You are not allowing others to voice their opinions. You do not know where you are headed in life and what you really want to do with yourself. This dream is a warning signal for dependency and immaturity. You are hiding your true feelings or you are trying to cover up some situation or act.

Swimming like a mermaid in dream is sadly a warning for the things that drives and motivates you. You miss some aspect of a past relationship. There is a secret that you are not revealing. Your dream is unfortunately a warning alert for a desire to get away from your problems or the demands of your life. You should not underestimate yourself.

Dream about swimming like a mermaid stands for the cleansing away of unhappy experiences or neglected emotions in your life

You are confused about some matter. You may be forced to confront issues which you have been avoiding. This dream is unfortunately to a problem that you can not solve it by yourself. Your mind does not know any limits.

Swimming like a mermaid stands for negative feelings that are being pushed out of the subconscious. You may be too brash and abrasive. You have overcome your difficulties and limitations. This dream is a sign for all the hard work that you have done and completed. You are experiencing some indecision, powerlessness or frustration.

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