Dream about Swollen Ear

Dream about swollen ear means your quest for knowledge and understanding. You are feeling defensive. You need to let go of your old attitudes. The dream denotes your understanding and perception of a situation. You are quick to blame something or someone else for your own shortcomings and problems.

Swollen ear is sometimes your desire for acceptance and affection. You are trying to force certain thoughts and issues into your subconscious mind. You will rise above a difficult situation through your own willpower and perseverance. This dream is your quest for objectivity over subjectivity. You are surrounded by those who stand behind your decisions.

Swollen ear in dream means your desires to keep up appearances. You need to be refreshed or rejuvenated. You are looking for an outlet to express your feelings. This dream points at emotional dependency. You are no longer able to contain or repress your emotions.

Dream about swollen ear is a metaphor for the repressed and animalistic side of your character

You need to let go of your pride. Perhaps, you are too concerned about how you appear to others. This dream states how you are doing in life and how you compare to others. It is time to celebrate the positive qualities of someone who is no longer in your life.

Swollen ear refers to your resourcefulness. You are trying to escape and blend in with the rest of the crowd. Your rational thinking is in accordance with your emotional thinking. This dream is a metaphor for a resolution to some inner conflict or life problem. All the emotions that you have been holding back are coming to the surface.

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