Dream about The Outside

Dream about the outside stands for qualities and feelings of somebody that you desire for yourself. You need to keep a close watch on someone or some situation. Perhaps someone wants you to pursue a goal that you are not passionate about. Your dream is the womb, secrets and the feminine. Something that may look risky or challenging at first can be tackled if you break it down.

The outside is a signal for fears of inadequacy. There is a domestic conflict or argument in your home. You to need make some major reevaluations of your goals and life path. Your dream expresses your need for more space in a relationship or situation. You need to be more flexible and yielding in your thinking in order to move further toward your goals.

The outside in dream is a clue for fear of what is ahead for you. Perhaps you are dealing with some aspects of society or politics. You need to follow the rules. This dream is a signal for movement between various levels of consciousness. You need to stand up for your rights.

Dream about the outside is an omen for an aspect of your own personality

You are behaving and acting tyrannical. Perhaps you are in need of a jumpstart in some area. The dream is a clue for your actual living situation. You are undergoing major changes in your life.

The outside means your never-ending quest in acquiring knowledge. You are shutting yourself out in some aspect of your daily life. Someone or something may trigger some emotional memory which you still need to confront and work through. The dream symbolises defeat over your adversaries. You tend to run toward one idea after another.

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