Dream about Walking In A Stream

Dream about walking in a stream points to your parents’ relationship together and what you can learn from it. You are experiencing new found confidence and self esteem. Your subconscious is trying to alert you with a special message that you are overlooking. Your dream is a premonition for romance in your relationship. You can see right through somebody and their intentions.

Walking in a stream is a metaphor for female emotions, aggression and seduction. You are refusing to accept responsibility for your actions. You are doing the right thing or that you are on the right path. The dream represents sorrow and longing. You are easily influenced or lured into dangerous situations.

Walking in a stream in dream is an indication for growth, creative energy and positive change. You are cautious when it comes to expressing your emotions. You are confident in your ability. Your dream is a premonition for a prosperous endeavor, new opportunities and fortune. You are going back and forth in some situation or decision.

Dream about walking in a stream is a clue for a huge change in your personal relationship

You are feeling over-exposed. You hold the power to change. Your dream is a signal for your outlandish ideas and your wild imagination. You are overlooking a small but important issue.

Walking in a stream is a sign for great wealth and riches. You are refusing to see the truth. There is always something that needs to be tended to. This dream indicates the struggles and challenges in your life. An important message or vision will be made known to you.

Your dream will come true !!!

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