Dream about Wearing Gold Shoes

Dream about wearing gold shoes signals hidden weaknesses, fears and lack of self-confidence. You need to put more focus onto what you are doing and what you are trying to accomplish. You are trying to hide your true self. The dream is a message for your own feelings of inadequacy. Whatever comes around goes around.

Wearing gold shoes signifies a lack of self esteem or self-worth. You need to channel your negative thinking into positive energy. Something may be slipping away from your grasp. Your dream is a harbinger for your ability to cut through your emotions and break through the emotional barriers. You need to slow down and listen to your instincts or to your body.

Wearing gold shoes in dream is a hint for imitation. You are feeling trapped in some aspect or circumstances of your life. There is a situation that you are dreading. The dream is an alert for your emotional needs or appetite. Your body may be deficient in vitamins or not getting enough nutrients.

Dream about wearing gold shoes points at some tension or confrontation

You are sponging off someone or that someone is sponging off you. You are being overly protective. This dream is wish fulfillment. Perhaps you feel that you cannot relate to others or that others do not understand you.

Wearing gold shoes is a warning signal for a reciprocal relationship where you need to give and receive nourishment. You have failed to make use of the opportunities that have come your way. You are in a situation where you don’t feel like you have full control. This dream is a clue for suppression of your cold feelings. You are feeling helpless or pinned down in some aspects or circumstances of your life.

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