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Dream about Wearing White Robe

Dream about wearing white robe is an omen for some sort of realization enlightenment. You need to study and evaluate your situation before taking action. You need to allocate time for pleasure leisurely pursuits. The dream states your primal emotional desire. There is some emotions that you need to release and integrate into your daily life.

Wearing white robe means mutual understanding in one of your relationships. Life can stop in an instant. Perhaps you are trying too hard to impress others. The dream signals some young male figure in your life. You need to be careful in who you trust and who you confide in.

Wearing white robe in dream points at purification and self-renewal. You need to be open to compromise and meet halfway. You are rubbing others the wrong way. This dream is an indication for a rivalry. You are being restrained in some way, either by your own belief system or by someone.

Dream about wearing white robe is a harbinger for your expectations and anxieties about some unknown situation or decision

Your desires or wishes will be fulfilled. Your character is being called into question. The dream is a signal for the need to nurture your maternal instincts, masculine energy and your basic urges. There are some issues about which you are angry about in your life.

Wearing white robe is a harbinger for expectations and a need for recognition and acknowledgement. How you are identifying with your school and your classmates. Sometimes you need to take a break from your daily problems. This dream draws attention to something that you are dying to say. You are feeling hopeless and out of control.

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Bernadette Ayat

Dream of many priests put on white robe and giving holy communion to christians then after I wake up.

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