Dream about Wet Mud

Dream about wet mud signals feelings of abandonment and unworthiness. Perhaps you are expressing an subconscious desire to fly off and get away from all of your problems. You may be going through a situation in your life where you feel that you are being treated like a student or in which you feel you are being put to a test. This dream points at your feelings of regret or remorse. You or someone is being a show-off with little or no regards for others.

Wet mud signals something disturbing or significant that you saw. You are deviating too far from your original plans and goals. You are doing harm to yourself with your reckless behaviors and activities. Your dream is sadly a warning for your outlet for your aggression and anger. You may feel that you are not able to measure up to the expectations of others.

Wet mud in dream sadly draws attention to fear, frustration and anger which you have repressed and kept inside. You are worried about how to tackle and resolve your problems. You have a tendency to force your opinions on others. This dream denotes feelings of fear and anxiety, You may be putting your thoughts in order and getting your facts straight.

Dream about wet mud is a metaphor for harshness, cold-heartedness or fierceness. You are not getting enough alone time in your life

You may be devoting too much time to unimportant issues. This dream is about a situation that you have a difficult time accepting or an emotion that you don’t want to acknowledge. You may be trying to refuse to take responsibility for your actions.

Wet mud signifies a person who you view as cold-blooded, fearful, or thick-skinned. You are trying to understand your self and find out who you are. You are focusing too much on petty matters. The dream symbolises circumstances or situations in your life that are becoming overwhelming. You are not doing all that you can.

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