Dream about White Feather

Dream about white feather signifies the things you have learned from your past experiences. Perhaps you feel that you have been treated unfairly. You may be afraid of death and dying. The dream is a clue for your retreat from reality. You are having problems saying what you really think.

White feather hints your high aspirations that may be way beyond your reach at the present moment. You are afraid to confront or bring up the issue. You are making a bigger issue out of something than it needs to be. Your dream expresses a restart. You are feeling isolated of left out in some situation.

White feather in dream points at aspects of yourself that you keep private and hidden. You need to swallow your pride in some situation. You are being pulled into someone else’s problems or arguments. Your dream draws attention to your hesitance in revealing your true feelings, attitudes and other hidden habits/ideas. You are worrying over some issue or problem.

Dream about white feather is a premonition for revitalization, regeneration and renewal

You are in need of a major change in your life. Someone is giving you permission to do something that you are having doubts about in your life. The dream represents some animalistic desire. You are belittling yourself or others.

White feather is a sign for undying and never ending love. You are using your power against others. Perhaps you need to have your spirits uplifted. Your dream symbolises an obsession, an addiction, a codependent or abusive relationship or something that is beyond your control. You need to stop going around in circles.

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