Dream about White Stairs

Dream about white stairs represents an emotional cry for help. You need to start standing up for yourself. You need to approaching things head-on. This dream is an indication for something you are refusing to acknowledge or something that you are in denial about. You need to say sorry to someone.

White stairs is a metaphor for guidance, direction and unification. Perhaps you need to get to know a person on a deeper level. You need to show restraint and control in your feelings. The dream is a metaphor for your quiet, calm and reserved side. You need to learn to prioritize and balance aspects of your life.

White stairs in dream means hard work, labor and diligence. You need to be more divisive. Your ego is becoming over-inflated. This dream draws attention to your practical thinking. You need to stop and take a break from some problem or issue in your life.

Dream about white stairs is a message for your concerns about how others perceive you

Perhaps you are headed in the wrong direction. You need to take a risk and go for it. This dream is a message for your identity or someone else’s identity. You need to somehow find a way to break a circle that you are in.

White stairs is a metaphor for the depth of your subconscious. You are feeling insecure. You are exploring aspects of your emotions, but are not ready to act. The dream is sometimes your high ideals. Perhaps, you need to adapt a healthier lifestyle.

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