Dream about Witnessing Domestic Violence

Dream about witnessing domestic violence is an evidence for abundance. You may be trying to elevate yourself to a higher level of consciousness. You are trying to fulfill a void in your life. This dream stands for your inexperience or immature attitude. You have a tendency to get what you want.

Witnessing domestic violence points at problems that need to be dealt with more directly. You need to let go of some project, relationship, person, or idea. You are not expressing your emotions. Your dream is an alert for your connections and your ability (or inability) to reach out to others. You know your limitations.

Witnessing domestic violence in dream is a symbol for the temporary adoption of a new persona where you feel less inhibited and more comfortable to freely express yourself. You are ready to rid yourself of your old ways and undergo a transformation. Nothing in life comes easy, you need to earn it. The dream draws attention to feelings of inadequacy, uncertainty and a lack of self-esteem. You may be losing interest in some relationship or issue.

Dream about witnessing domestic violence sadly draws attention to desperation, despair, extreme sadness and sympathy

Something is not what it appears to be. You may not be seeing things the way they really are. The dream is unfortunately a warning alert for repressed emotional thoughts or ideas that you are yearning to let out. You are hiding your true feelings or you are trying to cover up some situation or act.

Witnessing domestic violence is an alert for a problem that you need to acknowledge and confront. You are trying to present something unpleasant in a more inviting or cheerful manner. You can not suppress your urges any longer. Your dream is a warning signal for some anxiety on some major change in the relationship. Certain aspects of yourself have been ignored or neglected.

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