Dream about Your Child Is Missing

Dream about your child is missing is a harbinger for restrictions and limitations. You need to slow down and think through your choices. You need to change your way of thinking and readjust your attitude. The dream is sadly a warning for your ability to get others to agree with your ideas or beliefs. There is a void in your life and it is waiting to be filled.

Your child is missing signals some issue or problem that you have been rejecting and it is now eating-away at you. You need to slow down or run the risk of being burnt out. You are too unyielding and inflexible. This dream is a portent for some confusion in your thought process. You have an exaggerated sense of self-worth and self-importance.

Your child is missing in dream is a warning alert for an issue that you need to address immediately before it gets to a critical state. You need to slow down before you jeopardize your well being. You need to sort out your feelings and re-organize some issues in your life, especially if you’ve experienced some trauma or turmoil recently. Your dream is a warning for your insecurities about your role or position in a situation. Perhaps you are lacking these qualities in your relationship.

Dream about your child is missing is sadly a warning signal for money or lack of in your pocket

You need to solve and work out problems with family members if you have some. You are unsure of your direction in life. Your dream refers to some unfinished feelings that you have left behind. You are feeling awkward and insecure.

Your child is missing represents deception, evil and treachery. You have not digested or accepted some messages. The same old problems are coming back to haunt you because they were not properly addressed or dealt with in the first place. The dream suggests your desires to be sheltered from the bitterness of reality. Some connections may be giving you a false sense of community or feeding into your feelings of inadequacies.

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