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Dream about A Guy Kissing Your Neck

Dream about a guy kissing your neck is a portent for hard work and difficult task. A situation in your life may parallel a situation from your past. You are in a rut. The dream is unfortunately an admonition for your pessimistic outlook in life. You are not letting something or something get in your way of your goals.

A guy kissing your neck states a painful memory, guilt, or some repressed thoughts. You are getting burned or humiliated by someone or some situation. You need to clean up the mess you have created as a result of your childishness. This dream is a sign for a broken relationship or a rift in a friendship. You lack the ability to fulfill or sustain your needs.

A guy kissing your neck in dream is sadly foiling or thwarting someone’s plans. You cannot seem to leave your work at the office. You need to pay more attention to your intuition or gut feeling. The dream unfortunately draws attention to your desire for instant wealth or may be you are looking for fame. You may be trying to elevate yourself to a higher level of consciousness.

Dream about a guy kissing your neck points at gentleness, laziness or lack of ambition

You are feeling sluggish and insecure. You are trying to shield yourself from some harsh reality. This dream is a message for how you are harping-on someone and getting on their case about something. You are trying to disconnect yourself from the unbearable pain you are experiencing in an aspect of your life.

A guy kissing your neck is unfortunately an alert for money being received. You need to resolve a major problem in your life. There is some flaw or mistake that you are trying to cover up. Your dream is an admonition for your desperation in trying to escape a repetitive situation or some behavior patterns. You are lacking a flow of ideas and thoughts.

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I dreamt of being in a conflict and my ex took my side in the conflict and kissed me on the back of my neck. The conflict was about him

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