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Dream about White Crocodile

Dream about white crocodile is about a simpler time or to a time where you felt a certain way. You need to trust your gut feeling and intuition. You are feeling stifled or restricted in some way. Your dream refers to the struggle between your animalistic desire and your spiritual side. You need to be reenergized.

White crocodile denotes your simple tastes. Perhaps you have been tricked or duped. You are overly fixating on minor details and overlooking the important things on your life. This dream points to your subconscious desires. You are being rewarded for your past efforts.

White crocodile in dream is a signal for your emotional urges and desires. You need to be more self-reliant. You are experiencing some sort of emotional or situational breakthrough. Your dream is a symbol for your struggle for power and empowerment. You are having a difficult time on focusing on one goal.

Dream about white crocodile points to your quest for love or for power

You or someone else is using their position of power to do harm. You need to be aware of developing heath problems. This dream is a premonition for your inescapable responsibilities. Perhaps you are looking to move.

White crocodile is a sign for your fear of change. You have laid out a set track toward achieving your goals. You are trying to escape from the stresses in your daily life. This dream states your progress. You may be seeking some guidance in the course of your actions.

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I dreamt I was at my grandfathers house (someone I’m very close too),Rain was pouring, so the road wasflooded and his garage driveway was too. I remember seeing a white crocodile swimming in the driveway and I was a calm.I’m not sure if the croc ate a dog but remember the croc swimming out of the driveway into the street and laid on the edge of the fence where the lawn ends.I walked back opened the gate and saw the white crocodile,I petted him seemed furry and there was a calm snake other side


I’ve dreamt of many many white crocodiles or all shapes and sizes in a green pool. They look cute and I did not feel fear as I’m floating or “walking” then I got transported up on a “tree” or high corner. With a large white crocodile which is more fearsome looking with blood on its arms. But it’s dead in a glass box with water. Then in that dream I have a dream flashback do the said large crocodile destroying people’s homes and hurting people in an old Japanese setting.


I had a dream that me and my mom were in her house and a stout white alligator with cute flowers painted on its back was just destroying everything in its path. My 82 year old mom tried to catch it but it snapped at her. So we went to animal control to come get it out of the house and they said that when we get back it will probably have torn up everything in the house. Then I woke up.


I had a dream that I was in some strange place with some people that I have never seen them before, they were kind to me but they had something like a pool in lower floor and there was two big alligators as white as snow , they were not moving at all but their mouth was open , everything in that place was very white and so strange ! I don’t dream usually, maybe once every 6 or 7 months, and that was strange !


I had a dream that I died, and a chariot of two white crocodiles had lead me by chariot.

Norma Jean

A lady I was walking with from some offices, we came upon a big wide river with white milky water. She held my hand as we had to walk through this river to get to the other side. The river was calm peaceful with milky white waters, with white alligators and white unicorns. Unicorns were moving up and down across the river but remaining inside the water. These white alligators were just lurking in the water moving slowly now and then in a non threatening manner


i dreamed having a white pet crocodile, it has blue eyes. one day he ran away from his cage and gone


I had a dream of a white crocodile in my back yard I wasn’t scared of it. It was like that was crocodile home. Then two black bears walked up to me. Creepy because I was calm the whole dream. Didn’t fell threatened at all


I dreamed about catching two white crocodiles.


I had a dream I saw the white crocodile from a far…it had a big head and a small body I was scared since I saw it from far before it started to head towards me I was able to catch it and I used my shoelace to shut its mouth.


I had a dream the white crocodile was in my old house’s living room and I killed it with a knife

amix led

2. i was toying with the two crocodiles and dark red mix came behind me and i lead dark red mix one with others. and i felt life them started to listen to me or they got scared and there was a stairs i climbed. all the three crocodiles were down stairs upstairs a white door came two crocodiles and that pissed me off this is just too much and one of my friend asking for help so lifted 2 crocodile by the tail and struck on the ground and i woke up. both were bigger than all others.

amix led

1. i saw four crocodiles one was white mix with dark black it bite a women in the leg. woman was taking a bath i guess didn’t saw her. it was a massive one. i chase the crocodile to save her. as i recall i had a sward. don’t remember after that but some how two crocodiles appear front don’t remember how. both was ash black so they are definitely there are crocodiles. i wasn’t scared at all. i could kill them without a hesitations but i wanted to know why they came. i was in a house.

Curious person

I had a nightmare i was stuck in a cave flooded with clear water, with 5 people whose faces i couldn’t see, stuck on a
rock surrounded by 4 or 5 huge white crocodiles. Whenever anyone touches the water, the crocodiles would try to bite. I’m not what that would mean though.

Maria Langarica

I had a dream about going to thermal waters, from far I could see a huge white crocodile, resting in clear shallow water. At first I thought it was a sculpture as it was a thermal lake that was full of people, and yes the water was hot water because I could see the steam. As we are getting closer it slightly moved, but not in a way to be scared I think more to let us know it was real.
What does it mean?


I dreamt of a tiny baby white crocodile, it was my pet. I tried the whole dream to figure out what kind of water to put in a tank to keep it safe. It lived in my garden


I dream of 2 extremely huge white crocodile swimming in a calm and clear water river and there are a group of kids playing nearby. Suddenly one of then go into the water to collect her toys that fell into the river then her friend go down to bring her up immediately when I shout and tell them about the crocodile. The crocodile did swim towards her direction but didn’t continue to chase after she reach the land.


I had a dream a white crocodile was chasing me and hunting me down but I somehow evaded it


Im dreaming white crocodile under me moving

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