Dream about A Run Down House

Dream about a run down house is a clue for insecurity and emotional instability. You may need to exert some force and power to get your way and make things happen. You need to learn to see things from someone else’s perspective and expand your awareness. The dream denotes a message from the Holy Spirit and spreading the word of God. You need to use caution in a new situation.

A run down house indicates the masculine aspect of yourself. You are well protected or perhaps even overly protective. You are exploring your emotions and trying to understand why you feel the way you do about certain things. Your dream is sometimes some animalistic desire. You need to be more social or more vocal about something.

A run down house in dream stands for faithfulness. You are having difficulties expressing your thoughts. You need to be able to make clear distinctions between your choices. The dream indicates purification and blood. You have neglected your spiritual needs.

Dream about a run down house refers to your personal insecurities

You are underestimating some threat in your life. Perhaps you need to incorporate aspects of your friend with your own self. Your dream stands for feelings of aggression. You are missing somebody.

A run down house is a harbinger for your unrealized goals. You are comparing yourself to the ex. You need to look at the issues from a different perspective. The dream points at your state of indecision. Perhaps you are feeling down and need a pick me up.

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Arlyn Iventry

I dreamt I found car keys i had be searching for in the same spot i had already looked multiple times before. I knew they had to be there and it’s almost like i made them be where i wanted finally. Then I was running through super slippery deep mud up a hill to get into car and I got to the top fell backwards and a tree caught me from falling back into the mud. It was messy but not hard to move through. I woke up after the tree flung me forward back onto my feet onto the road where vehicle was.