Dream about Cat Being Run Over

Dream about cat being run over is a signal for something in your life that is keeping everything or everyone together. You are at ease. Fortune will come from the most unexpected of sources. The dream is a hint for your ability to enjoy the simpler things in life. You are overstepping your boundaries.

Cat being run over refers to renewal, meditation and spirituality. You will be met with much success in your future. You are in a comfortable stage in your life and may be seeking spiritual enlightenment. The dream is an evidence for your physical body and the attention you give it. You are putting up a facade.

Cat being run over in dream is a symbol for a memory or to something in the past that you are holding onto. You are broadening your mind and opening yourself to new experiences. You are opening yourself to a brand new awareness. The dream is an indication for joy, celebration and festivities. You have overstepped your boundaries.

Dream about cat being run over signifies sudden enlightenment which may bring about feelings of fear or anxiety

You are being modest or conservative about some aspect of your life. You are careful about the risks you take. Your dream is a message for prestige, wealth and power. You are so worried that you will forget something.

Cat being run over signifies serenity, peace of mind and rejuvenation. You are speaking your mind and letting your voice be heard. You have achieved an important goal and are relishing in your success. The dream is an indication for peace of mind. You are setting an example of yourself.

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I had a dream where my black cat got kidnapped but then I got it back, but a day later it got ran over by a truck and I witnessed it all for some reason but then it sort of appeared again like popped out of no where but with one leg and though it couldn’t really get in ran over real life since it got ran over on a small pathway and a truck could not fit there, im still very worried because my cat is the only thing that keeps me going throughout life and without him I wouldn’t know what to do.


I had a dream my black cat come up to me and she was flat wher the car went over her
I held her crying and all then she kinda blew her self back up
Then she felt like a bag of air


I dreamed I was in a undercar garage and there was a lot of car and train tracks and to my right I saw lots of cats like 30 of them. Then I saw a car run over one. I ran to it and it was my cat ..the tire was still over its ears and pushed it off and ran with my baby.. ran over train tracks got stuck but got away. Before I Worked up I had my cat LoLa in my hands . Then I got up could not sleep after that.. thank u..


I dreamt I seen a black cat get run over and crushed. When I went to check on it, the cat turned white and black and walked off looking perfectly fine and happy. I went to check on the cat and it didn’t have any marks on it. What does this mean?


I was asleep with my boyfriend with the tv on, I guess I was halfway asleep and could still hear my surroundings when a car horn on tv blared and a sudden perspective of me in a truck flashed in my dream about to run over a cat when it just suddenly went away. I literally covered my ears and barrier my face into my boyfriend while still being halfway asleep. Very concerned about my dream.


I dreamt that a Ginger young cat got run over by a car and it was horrible as I saw the gruesome part of it, that the head got squashed and the eyes popped out. Not a nice site at all. I remember waking up like “why would I dream about something like that?”


I had a dream that I witnessed a car run over a black cat. The cat broke its leg, but was alive. I ran to the cat and tried to help it and nurse it. In my dream, it was about 3 am and I remember trying to call a bunch of vet hospitals to see if they were open or on-call so that I could bring the injured cat. I remember driving around like a maniac holding this cat while no one answered the phone. I even remember being conscious about how late it was and about the fact that I had to work at 10:30 AM that day and that my manager would be upset if I was late to work again (In real life, I did in fact have to work at 10:30 and have been late the past few days). I wokeup before I could save this cat. What could this mean?