Dream about Alligator Pepper

Dream about alligator pepper is an omen for your need for privacy. You are having problems saying what you really think. Your reckless activity is affecting those around you. This dream hints your search for stability and security. You need to be more flexible in your thinking or decision making.

Alligator pepper represents leisurely pursuits, ease and relaxation. You need to be aware of other people’s feelings. Others may perceive you as fragile or vulnerable. The dream is a metaphor for codependency. You are feeling insecure about your physical appearance.

Alligator pepper in dream is a message for repressed thoughts and feelings. You are getting-hosed or blindsided in some situation. You are trying to piece together some information. This dream points at being in love. You are trying to live up to the expectations of others.

Dream about alligator pepper states your encouragement

You are trying to understand the other person and see things from their perspective. You need to be more understanding or yielding in some situation. This dream is a sign for your desire to stand up amongst the crowd. You need to make a commitment and stick to it.

Alligator pepper is a metaphor for being the best. You are holding back your true feelings about something. You are trying to escape from reality. This dream symbolises your unconscious mind and its suppressed content. Although these may be tough and difficult times, it will have a positive outcome.

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The meaning of eating alligator pepper in dream


My dream last night z alligator pepper was coming out from my right ear


I dreamt of someone was giving me alligator pepper and rosemary seeds


I dreamt of harvesting alligator pepper the large ones

Then someone gave me a small plastic to put it inside , so the plastic was small and another person gave me a bigger plastic


I dream I was given alligator pepper, also I was given money as a help.