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Dream about Black And White Clothes

Dream about black and white clothes signals the decision you are making and the path that you are taking. There is something that you are longing for and missing in your life. You need to spring into action quickly. The dream draws attention to your need to express yourself or talk about an issue that’s bothering you. You are questioning and debating your life path and where it is leading.

Black and white clothes suggests the way you handle things. You are showing off and flaunting your material things. You are being unconscious. The dream is a premonition for financial worries. An issue may be weighing on your mind.

Black and white clothes in dream symbolises your past memories and experiences. You may have been given a second chance to regain what was previously thought to be lost. There is a situation that you are refusing to see or accept. Your dream is a metaphor for your control and power over some matter. You need some qualities that you need to achieve your goals.

Dream about black and white clothes is a message for your stress level about planning an party or an event

Perhaps you need to be more sensible. Sometimes you need to seek the help of others in order to accomplish some mutual goal. Your dream is about emotions and relationships that you did not recognize. There is something you are hiding from others.

Black and white clothes is a signal for your search for your own comfort zone. You need to balance your own needs with the needs of others. You are trying to block out the rejected or negative aspect of yourself. Your dream is a signal for a significant change in the relationship. You need to be more of a team player.

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I dreamt that I saw my self walking and coming from down the road and along the way I saw a young lady of whom I had good intentions towards but I never meant to approach her and then I saw my boss at work drivng down the road of which I live together with and all of a sudden I saw my self on black and white close walking towards home confidently.


I dreamt that I was getting ready to go on a date, but asked my sister to borrow her black and white pant suit


I dreamt about someone I love wearing a black and white checkered shirt


Dream about seeing my daughter in a black and white outfox what it means

kingsley Anaroke

Dreamt about wearing black trousers and white top in search of missing clothes

Andiswa Sbu

My friend said she dreamed of me wearing black and white clothes,what does that mean??

Priscilla ofori

Dream about being given a black and white white dress by a seamstress


I had a dream where I was playing tag with children, and also with a friend. My friend and I were both wearing white dress shirts and black pants. The children; some were wearing completely white, some completely black, and some black & white


Dreamy of a boy I know wearing black formal shirt with white linings on it standing with his friends


dream about a black dress with a silver color design on top


I dream of wearing white and white later I wear black jacket on it.


Last night, I dreamt that I was with a group of people and we all had yellow shirts on. Somehow, I changed clothes and was then in black and white. In the dream, I thought to myself that I looked like I was going to a funeral.


I dream see a man change out of different color clothes to a black pants and white shirt


Hello I dreamt of wearing a white with a black and a “not new not old” shoe which huted my feet so o had to throw them away and go wear a new one.

Desi James Bernardino

I dreamt of people i know where in some are wearing white shirt and shorts and one is in black shirt and short.


Dream about being giving a white and black clothes,and also white and black slippers by an ex Lover

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