Dream about Animals Falling From The Sky

Dream about animals falling from the sky is an omen for your fine and high-end taste. You are jealous of another person. A decision you have made is final. The dream suggests emotional and spiritual protection, as well as physical protection. You need to show your boyfriend/girlfriend some appreciation and compassion for all the work that he/she does.

Animals falling from the sky is an omen for sorrow and lost love. You are proud of your past accomplishments and want to share it with those around you. An open communication is key to the relationship. The dream is sometimes your high level of confidence. Sometimes you forget how or what got you to where you are today.

Animals falling from the sky in dream is about celebration and happiness. You have the gift of convincing people to see things your way. It is okay to ask for help and lean on the support from friends and family. The dream is a message for your carefree and pleasant nature. You are entering into a new phase or new area in your life.

Dream about animals falling from the sky is an omen for community, wholeness, warmth and unity

You need to be nurtured and to feel special. You need to reevaluate the situation and rethink what is really best for you. This dream is a message for how you are expressing your individuality and creativity. You are given the green light to go ahead with a new project or journey.

Animals falling from the sky is a symbol for supernatural ability and power. You are feeling exhausted. You believe that you are being unfairly treated. The dream suggests love, death, destiny or fate. You are feeling positive in some new relationship.

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I dreamt raw meat..as some where screaming its buffalo meat falling from heaven but every piece was falling infront of me how ever much i resisted n run from it


I had a dream that i was at Disneyland on the jungle cruise and it started raining but it was hard rain so we ran for cover somewhere. We were all in horror when we realized it wasn’t rain but cats. Dead cats falling from the sky. It started “raining” harder too and it seemed like it wasn’t gonna stop. Then suddenly it did. We all just stared at each other from where we had taken cover wondering wth just happened and i woke up… in a dream. I had a dream in a dream.


I was standing outside and looked up and saw 3 large birds flying, I said here I am and started to walk towards the house, what I thought to be 1 of the birds coming to get me ended up to be a cat landing on my deck on its feet and it stood up, the dream ended there.