Dream about Antique Store

Dream about antique store expresses acceptance of your responsibilities and duty. You need to learn to be more assertive and stand up for yourself. Some creative energy is being released or recognized. This dream is a harbinger for your quest for the truth. You overlook your own feelings in order to tend to the needs of others.

Antique store is an omen for some heated argument or personal attack. You may have been under a lot of stress and tension. You are being mislead or tricked. The dream stands for your lofty aspirations and carefree attitude. You are draining all the energy out of others.

Antique store in dream points to the beginning of something new things in your life. You need to get in contact with someone. You are feeling invaded, that your space is being crowded into and that you are being suffocated. Your dream is an omen for protection or shield of your inner self. You are being sheepish.

Dream about antique store is a hint for an imbalance

Your mindlessness have put you in harm’s way. You are being too pushy with your beliefs and views on others. Your dream represents a need for you to find companionship. You are having difficulties in achieving your goals and accepting the changes associated with it.

Antique store draws attention to an end of some negative relationship or some cycle. You are being carried away by your passions. You need to be less codependent. The dream refers to your support system in your time of need. You have a tendency to overlook things.

Your dream will come true !!!
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