Dream about Baby Demon

Dream about baby demon is about mischief, deceit and mockery. You are setting your sights on a new goal. You are sizing someone up. This dream symbolises authority, direction and judgment. You are breaking down gender roles.

Baby demon is a hint for your emotional rhythm. You may have put up a wall or armor around you. You are being accepted into some circle. The dream signifies your competitive spirit and how you tend to measure yourself against others. You are directing your aggression toward one person.

Baby demon in dream is the aftermath of some emotional release. You are capable of accomplishing great feats, but with questionable motives and methods. You need to stop something that you are doing. Your dream means a balance between dominance and nurturance. You are trying to get a firmer grasp on your public self.

Dream about baby demon refers to your control and power over some matter

You are quick to blame something or someone else for your own shortcomings and problems. You need to leave or get out of a situation. The dream hints your casual attitude about making some decision. You are very controlled in the way you express yourself.

Baby demon is a clue for a sly or cunning person. This person cannot be trusted. You may feel violated. You are trying to fit the image of what someone wants you to be. This dream means inner healing. You need to add a little fire and spice into your relationship.

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