Dream about Bad Business

Dream about bad business is a premonition for your attitudes with death and your sense of mortality. You are overlooking some minor issue that will have significant consequences. Your mind is too cluttered. Your dream indicates an aspect of your former self that you still have not completely let go. You do not let your emotions rule your actions.

Bad business represents a forceful and jolting outpour of repressed thoughts or urges. You are not expressing yourself in a healthy manner. You need to acknowledge your old talents or ignite some of your younger spirit that you may have lost along the way. The dream is an indication for your true confused state of mind and the nonsensical events of your life. You don’t let stress and pressure get to you.

Bad business in dream stands for a lack of concentration. You may be feeling inferior or not good enough. Things that come too quickly have a tendency to disappear just as quick. Your dream sadly draws attention to a mental imprint that remains persistent in your mind. You are feeling lost and not knowing what you want to do with your life.

Dream about bad business unfortunately draws attention to old memories, ideals, hopes and old emotions

You are addressing feelings that you have been ignoring or suppressing for too long. You may be taking on too many responsibilities and working too hard that you are not catering to your emotional self. The dream means illness and loss. You are not taking or accepting responsibility for your actions.

Bad business is a warning signal for some subconscious material that needs to be confronted or addressed. What you thought was true is actually not. Vicious rumors by false friends will slander your character. The dream is sadly difficulty in breaking through or getting your point across to someone. You need to return your concentration back on your future and goals.

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