Dream about Black Duck

Dream about black duck is unfortunately a warning signal for your overwhelming fears that you have lost your virility. Someone may be trying to guide you toward certain decisions. You are feeling trapped in some aspect or circumstances of your life. This dream is unfortunately an alert for poverty and loneliness. You are standing firm on your beliefs.

Black duck means a lack of communication between your conscious and subconscious mind. You need to stop closing yourself off. You may feel that you are no longer able to depend on someone. Your dream is a message for your material concerns and possessions. You feel stuck with where you are at in life.

Black duck in dream is a portent for some hurtful or harmful remarks that you or someone have said. It is time to change your old habits. You are moving too aggressively and too fast in some area of your life. Your dream is a harbinger for how you confront problems and deal with issues in your life. Something or someone in your life is trying to squeeze every bit of energy or information out of you.

Dream about black duck is unfortunately a negative force

You are also being overly attentive or overly possessive, especially in a relationship. You are trying to rid yourself of old, negative habits and bad characteristics. Your dream is a sign for war, violence and masculine power. You are trying to escape from your daily responsibility and are looking for someone else to shield, protect and care for you.

Black duck denotes a lost in status. Your patience is being put to the test in some situation. You will find yourself worrying over problems that are nagging on your mind. This dream is a message for frustrations or obstacles that are hindering your path toward your goals. You have set overly high and unrealistic goals for yourself.

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I dreamt that I had to catch a black duck to take a tin of its face, it was life or death!


In my dream I was woken by a black duck half way in and half out of the front door of my childhood home. I picked it up (it happened a few times in the dream) and set it outside each time.


I dreamt that I went into my living room and there was a black duck in there so I left the room and shut the door to scared to go back in.


So I dreamt of chasing after a black duck on the grassy edge of the road in the morning. What does this mean?


I dreamed that I freed a duck from a fence that was wrapped around its neck, it said thank you to me and then woddled away.


What about dreaming about a black duck is lonely on water and looking other duck who have family


Dreaming of a white black duck jumping on top of me while sleeping in my dream