Dream about Catching A Poisonous Snake

Dream about catching a poisonous snake is sadly a warning for a feeling of shame or embarrassment. You are trying to hide under a hard shell. You need to remove some obstacle or blockage that is hindering your progress. The dream is sadly an alert for your need to sit down and take time out to contemplate a situation before proceeding. You may be limiting yourself and not recognizing your full potential and the resources that are available to you.

Catching a poisonous snake is a clue for being consumed by your own ambition or obsession. You are feeling lost or rejected. There is something in your life that you are not aware of or that has not yet surfaced. Your dream is a premonition for the role that you are playing in your real life, whether it be the role of a parent, sibling, co-worker, etc. You are unable to differentiate who you are anymore.

Catching a poisonous snake in dream is a metaphor for rejected or unwanted aspects of yourself. You are too concerned with where people are going and where they are headed. You may just be setting yourself for a let-down. Your dream is sadly an alert for the need to defend yourself and stand up for your beliefs, even if it means being confrontational or violent. You are not accepting responsibilities for your own actions.

Dream about catching a poisonous snake signifies hard work and difficult task

You may be a little too boastful or arrogant. You are not thinking rationally. This dream sadly draws attention to your desires to turn back time and redo certain things over again. You are not standing up for yourself.

Catching a poisonous snake is some old habit, condition, or situation. You are feeling emotionally insecure. You need to learn to be an independent thinker and not let others influence you too much. Your dream refers to how you have already incorporated certain aspects or qualities. Even if you don’t succeed, you can still learn from your mistakes.

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