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Dream about Chocolate Cupcake

Dream about chocolate cupcake is a harbinger for a skill that you may have ignored or forgotten. Your life is lacking sensuality and passion. You are trying to disconnect yourself from your reality by focusing on the pain that you inflicted to yourself. This dream is sadly a warning signal for old emotions or memories that you have stored or locked away. You are not putting on any facade.

Chocolate cupcake stands for your childish and immature behavior. You may be too confrontational. You are trying to cut yourself off from the world. The dream signifies some emotional outburst or suffering. You are lacking an outlet to express your feelings.

Chocolate cupcake in dream sadly draws attention to regrets, past hurts or what ifs. You are being too self-centered. Your ideas may be alienating people. Your dream is a warning signal for a circumstance or problem in your life that is temporary. You should not underestimate someone’s ability because of their size.

Dream about chocolate cupcake indicates a bad relationship or childhood trauma

You feel trapped or repressed in a situation. You are ridding yourself of old ideas, notions, opinions and other negativities. The dream is a signal for a fleeting idea or a message that you need to quickly convey. You need to proceed carefully to avoid being ambushed or blindsided, especially by malicious coworkers, friends or enemies.

Chocolate cupcake refers to your suppressed anger that is coming to the surface and threatening to get out of control. You are trying too hard to live up to the expectations of others. You need to hurry up in making a decision. Your dream is a symbol for repressed or pent up emotions that needs to be released and expressed. Whatever you are doing or telling someone has no significant effect on him/her.

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