Dream about Crocodile Eggs

Dream about crocodile eggs expresses sturdiness. You fear that you are being overlooked or not measuring up to others. You are hiding behind a facade, instead of confronting the things that are bothering you. This dream hints an end to some situation, habit, or relationship in your life. You have difficulties accomplishing your tasks and goals.

Crocodile eggs represents the cycle of life. You are acknowledging or embracing some physical attribute or primitive desire within yourself. Perhaps you need to perk up one of your five senses. The dream symbolises the price you have to pay in order to get ahead in life. You need to listen more.

Crocodile eggs in dream stands for a visitation of a spirit or a communication from your subconscious. You are looking for reassurance or reaffirmation from others. You need to stand up for yourself in some situation. The dream is sometimes unlimited potential. You are being shielded from some information.

Dream about crocodile eggs states your missed opportunities for growth and pleasure

Something from your subconscious is trying to make its way to the surface. You are being lured into a harmful situation. Your dream points at people around you who are prone to violent outbursts and shifting mood swings. It is time to relax.

Crocodile eggs suggests some issues with your neck or throat. You are in big trouble. You are trying to maintain harmony and peace. This dream points to letting go. You dread change.

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Dreamt of having eaten crocodile egg