Dream about Deceased In Jail

Dream about deceased in jail signals your willpower. You are trying to steer your friends and your family on the right direction. You need to nurture the changes in your life. The dream states your actions in your life. You were completely dependent.

Deceased in jail means your past relationships. Perhaps you are going too fast or not keeping up. You need to better process your emotions so you can understand them in a more effective manner. This dream signifies the end of a project, relationship or situation. You are being consumed by your emotions.

Deceased in jail in dream is a symbol for how you are coasting through life. You need to delve deeper in order to find the truth. You are trying to escape and blend in with the rest of the crowd. Your dream is a message for money. You are being the one that others can count-on.

Dream about deceased in jail is a metaphor for your desire for anonymity in a situation

Others are looking up to you. You may be met with unexpected difficulties. The dream is a signal for your social circle and togetherness. You are subconsciously rebelling against authority.

Deceased in jail points at the end of some habit, journey, relationship or condition. It is time to end a harming situation or relationship. Perhaps you need to go to the doctor. Your dream hints a simpler time or to a time where you felt a certain way. Perhaps you need to separate yourself from some issue or some aspect of yourself.

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Dream see someone that has died years in jail saw him entering his sell


Dream see my father that died just 12 days ago as stuck in jail & as me and my mom trying to help him and other relatives as opposing it. i had this dream twice back to back.. please help