Dream about Eating Worm

Dream about eating worm is sometimes wholeness, purity, healing, development and unity. Perhaps you are being taken advantage of. Perhaps you are being unrealistic. The dream denotes the end of a project, relationship or situation. You are afraid of change.

Eating worm signifies your need to heal or improve your physical or mental health. You are seeking some advice, guidance, or knowledge. You need to watch-out. Your dream is a hint for flexibility in how you see things. You possess the necessary skills to accomplish a goal or solve a problem in your life.

Eating worm in dream refers to homeliness and the comforts of home. You are comparing yourself to someone else. Perhaps you are too emotionally bonded to your mother. The dream stands for your feelings about a person, situation, or relationship. You need to quit doing something.

Dream about eating worm points at something in your life that is within reach, but continues to escape your grasp

You need to show more cooperation. You need to draw on your old associations with your former classmates to gain insight in some current relationship. The dream is an indication for protection against some danger. You are in need of some relaxation.

Eating worm denotes spiritual lessons you have learned. You are feeling uneasy about a situation. You need to address your feeling and problems before they do more harm in the long run. Your dream points to your need for more balance in your life. Sometimes you need to go off track and explore other possibilities.

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Dream about eating worms and cockroaches , getting rashes on my chest and then two gaping holes of small cysts on both my thighs because of it