Dream about Going To Sangoma

Dream about going to sangoma is an indication for your vitality, enthusiasm and energy. You are ready to let go of the past and move ahead. You are feeling stimulated mentally. This dream is a signal for your relationships and what you give and receive from others. You need to draw from the inspiration of others.

Going to sangoma is a signal for emotional balance and strength. You need to focus your attention to something that you have placed on the back burner. You need to develop closer ties and relationships. This dream is a metaphor for rebirth, hope and new opportunities after a period of inactivity. You need to confront the past in order to move forward.

Going to sangoma in dream denotes the positive characteristics and your fiery passion. You feel that you are being held back, either physically or mentally. You are reflecting back on your success. This dream symbolises an expression of greater self love and acceptance. You are surrounded by close friends who you can rely on and who will uplift you in your time of need.

Dream about going to sangoma indicates a major emotional issue

You are exuding a lot of confidence. You may be experiencing a new relationship, new career path or new adventure. Your dream indicates your attitudes of courage and violence/passivity. You hold yourself in high regard.

Going to sangoma is an indication for memories and lessons of the past and the insights that you can still gain from it. You are in tune with your spiritual powers. You are feeling disconnected. The dream is a premonition for a process of healing. You are having difficulties expressing your thoughts and ideas.

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Good evening last night had an interesting dream , I wish to know what it actually mean , I dreamt I was with a girl same age as me in a clothing shop, and it seems like we were waiting for something or and there was a lot of clothes on the hangers with different colours and I was sitting on a chair and a Sangoma , a woman in sangoma clothes holding an African drum came to me and started to turch my left leg like she was Helling or praying on the leg , after I started to wiggle the leg . Thank y


Good day. Yesterday I had a dream whereas I was being chased by a sangoma. When he caught me, he told me that the ancestors want be to give them igama labo gogo. Pls assist as to what that means