Dream about Sangoma

Dream about sangoma signifies possibilities and potentials. You need to acknowledge the beauty within yourself. You need to draw from the inspiration of others. This dream is a premonition for of intellect, enlightenment, awareness or the search for truth. You are letting petty and trivial matters upset you.

Sangoma signals your adventurous and daring nature. You are delving into your emotions. Despite our differences and disagreements, we can all still come together. Your dream expresses courage and your gutsiness. You are broadening your mind and opening yourself to new experiences.

Sangoma in dream denotes power, strength, faithfulness and intellect. You are keeping a secret. You may be going through a period of personal growth. This dream is a clue for mental power, intellect, memory and the power of communication. You can achieve anything you want if you set your mind to it.

Dream about sangoma suggests your drive, determination and ambition

You want a friend who you can share your feelings with, who you can be open with and who you can talk to about anything. You are good at offering your advice to others. Your dream is a premonition for an emotional barrier. You want to rekindle some relationship.

Sangoma is a symbol for flashes of ingenuity. You are exchanging ideas, gifts, or other things. You are able to overcome adversity and achieve success. Your dream expresses your connection to those around you. You and your friend share so much between each other and know so much about each other.

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Hi there, I had a very shocking dream last night where I dreamt that a ‘very well known’ sangoma had passed on. It was like real. The channel where her show currently plays, was showing a tribute for her, they spoke about her son etc etc. It felt real. What could this mean?


I had a dream of a widow feeding her white fat chicken and a passed her i did nt speak to herband down the road the was a sangoma with chickens that werevskinny and she was busy spraying them with somethingvso that they can grow and be fat i got out of the car spoke to her about when is she slottering the chicken and she said when is necessary and i ask her how much is that thing is using to spray the chicken she said is 3500 what does the dream meam


I dreamt being told that I have a calling of becoming a sangoma


I dreamed about my late mum who was a sangoma dancing


I had a dream that I was on my way to somewhere waiting for a taxi And a sangoma woman came and stood next to me, when I looked at her , her face changed and it was scary, she said to me “This is how people see you” so she took me across the road and said she’ll cleanse me. When we got there she gave me two things to drink and said you’ll be cleansed, once she was done with me she told me that she was now on her way, she didn’t even ask me for money but I went ahead and gave her R10

Monica Mahlwela

First i saw 3 sangomas entering my home i was surprised but i was scared too..second my mom and my daughter were in danger i was shouting wanted to protect them then they say move i ran to a woman she was next to the sangomas comforting me saying i musnt worry nothing will bad wont happen…now i saw the wire that they wear by sangomas it was green am even my teeth was coming out


Dream of being hugged by a sangoma

Anonymous 23

Hi My dream was weird I basically was at a store had a letter that needed stamping… a well known sangoma told me not to wait for security but just stamp the paper … “it was a stamp of her and signature “ I stamped and she cheered me to run (from security)


I dreamt seeing sangoma males in our house , I knew one of them but I didn’t know the others it was like they came to do something


Hey there,
i had a dream where i was sleeping outside a yard and two people came to me. They seemed to be sangomas they were both females and they woke me up to enter their yard.


Hi , I had a dream of being at a friends yard with other people nd friends then out of the blue comes a Sangoma with a hat on he thtssys something nd the hat flies in the air asif wind is pushing it , next thing its stuck to the side of my head and i fall trying to remove it , next thing I know I hear people saying “ It cant be , shes white? Im coloured bytheway…also someone screaming “ukthwasa” or something nd its asif im shaking on the ground nd crying “ please let it be the christian way,


I was with with someone I love deeply at a a Sangoma”s place and there were also people seated in lines as if waiting for Sangoma to deviate them.. It felt like I was with my present love at this Sangoma’s place but the face that was in the dream was that of my ex-husband though it was vivid. My turn came and I stood before Sangoma and he asked me to say something but it seems I fell asleep while talking and he also fell asleep while listening then h just woke up and started reprimanding me


I dreamt of my brother being a sangoma he even had group of people he was teaching


I dreamed of me and my Girlfriend hiding and running away from a Sangoma


Hi last night at my dream the was a sangoma and I know that sangoma we where running cause the where two man who they were chasing us


I had a dream this morning sitting with a Sangoma we looked at each other in her dumba. She looked like Gogo.and I saw bones, red levels, and beats with so many colors.

She didn’t talk, we didn’t talk either until I woke up


Hi. I dreamed about a sangoma lady that called me and said..my name is Gwyneth, talk to me. And she held open the curtain in her hut’s door for me to go in


Hi. In my dream the there we 2 sangomas and one told the other to choose me because she had a message for me. I was chosen and the one who asked I be chosen, asked me to bring her tea and I did. I remember her asking me like “so you too want to get married?” And my reply was “yes, and I thought I had found the one but I was wrong” and just as she was about to say more to me, she got distracted and started talking to a couple about pregnancy. I begged her not to ve without saying more but I woke


I had a dream of a sangoma I had to go and great her but I didn’t know in which way to great her…. So I hold her had then kneel down


When the sangoma says she sees danger


hi, Last night i dreamt of a famous Sangoma. We were having a conversation and she told me that she misses me. she was with her husband and my aunt in the car.

what could this dream mean?


I had a dream where a sangoma was chasing me


I saw ditaola in a room full of red cloth with bids


Hello, I dreamt of a Seer or Median giving a reading on Sangoma? What does that mean,


Hi I had a weird dream last night I dreamt of two sangoma giving me a sangoma hat (I don’t know how it’s called) and after wearing it I started acting funny like the way sangomas act when they are consulting someone or when they feel something then after acting like that the sangomas said this shows that you have a calling then after that I got a second dream the same night where I was sleeping in the sitting room then this guy who was wearing red and white started saying weird things


Hello. i dreamt of a famous SANGOMAS and we were with a lot of people which i could not see. So we were in the streets and we were running, suddenly she stopped and she said ‘guys face the other side, there are our ancestors’ and when we turned around we started praying and saying our ancestral praises, i even ended up crying. And before i could meet the sangoma, i was actually at a clinic in a queue so I left the queue to meet with my ex and i saw the sangoma on my way to my ex.


My dream:
I went to see a Sangoma (met real once) Sat in her hut,She ask if I am ready to meet her head/bola etc.Suddenly I felt been tickled down between my legs.It appears I was sitting on a hole covered with a cloth. I figured it was a snake tongue poking . Fears..she(sangoma)calms me down .Next we outside I had a Eagle biting the back of my head blood came out.Aim for me to become unconscious to read me but I did not. Later it turn into a man kiss me.I lay weak with kids playing around me


l dreamed about accompanying a sangoma to find herbals in a green trees


I dreamt a sangoma reading the current state of my life. Like how I see good things but they are not manifesting in my life


I constantly keep on dreaming about sangomas getting ear ringing and some of my dreams are just getting weirder what does that mean?


I had a dream I was walking with two female sangomas then along the way I saw male sangomas


I dreamt my grand grand father who was a sangoma holding my hand


Good day

I had a dream last night about a well know sangoma playing a tennis ball alone. I was tell him about my dream that I had at the past about him. This is the five time dreaming about the same sangoma. What does that mean?


Its been 2 days dreaming of me in the water, I also dreamed of me being a sangoma and telling a person I know that she is going to loose her feet and I was crying


i dreamt of my granny telling me i have to be a sangoma and also i dreamt of a snake swallowing me and inside were sangoma dead bodies and it was a water snake and also dreamt about a dead person redieng if i tell my momo she says im lying