Dream about Heavy Waves

Dream about heavy waves is a clue for a relationship or situation that is developing. You may be dealing with issues of creativity and self-expression. Someone close to you is hiding something from you. The dream is an evidence for your need to relax and escape from work or school. You are in complete control of your destination in life.

Heavy waves is an evidence for control over your life. Perhaps you are searching for a little more variety or excitement. You are tyring to find your role in a situation. The dream is a metaphor for your eccentric thinking. You have control over your own thoughts.

Heavy waves in dream is a hint for your fear over something you heard. You need to come clean or tell the whole truth about some situation or matter. You have a soft, but still tough persona. The dream draws attention to passiveness and your undeveloped characteristics. You need to bare your soul and let everything out into the open.

Dream about heavy waves is emergence of subconscious material and suppressed feelings

You are in need of some mental support. Your mindlessness have put you in harm’s way. Your dream is a harbinger for a return to your true Self and acceptance of who you are. You are afraid of having others rely on you and are apprehensive about satisfying other’s needs.

Heavy waves suggests how much control you have over the direction of your life. Your troubles are almost over. You may be ready to confront your subconscious and unknown aspects of yourself. Your dream hints harmony in the home. You are being followed by a person that you don’t know.

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