Dream about Hollow Foot

Dream about hollow foot refers to friction, stemming from disagreements or from different ways of doing things. You are not being supported by your social circle or your environment. Perhaps you need to come clean and wash away some old secrets, pains, or guilt. The dream is unfortunately a warning for a situation or relationship that has made you cold and bitter. You need to take it easy and not be too hard on yourself.

Hollow foot is a hint for the role that you are playing in your real life, whether it be the role of a parent, sibling, co-worker, etc. You may be trying to break-up with someone who you are attracted to, but can’t be with. You are trying to reestablish your reputation, by renouncing your previous activities. This dream is a warning for your inner desires to live without having to worry about financial and material troubles. You are letting your potential go to waste.

Hollow foot in dream expresses feelings of inferiority and ineffectiveness. You are devoting too much attention to someone or something. You are trying to be someone you are really not. Your dream symbolises your need to react quickly. You need to slow down and live the life or else you will miss out on some opportunity or event in your life.

Dream about hollow foot stands for protection from some negative force in your life

You need to put an end to some vicious cycle and cut out the negativity in your life. You need to think twice about repeating or sharing certain information. This dream stands for lurking danger, sin and lacking freedom. You feel trapped or repressed in a situation.

Hollow foot states a lack of confidence in your own abilities. You feel that you are being sucked up by some problem. You are not letting the negativity get to you. Your dream denotes a lack of power in your words. You or someone is looking for support, approval and acceptance.

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