Dream about Horses And Dogs

Dream about horses and dogs signifies the various aspects and components that make up life as a whole. There is something that you need to pay special attention to. Keep your sight on the main goal. The dream is a metaphor for your potential and ability to succeed and be successful. You are ready to achieve a new level of success.

Horses and dogs means your desire for freedom and need for adventure. An important person in your life could represent an aspect of your own self. You are communicating a passionate message. The dream stands for your talents, belief system and good deeds. There is an imbalance between work and pleasure.

Horses and dogs in dream is a premonition for happiness and tranquility in the home. You need to move on with some situation or some aspect of your life. you may be dwelling on a situation and it is time to move forward. Your subconscious is working in accordance with your conscious. The dream suggests warmth and compassion. You are content with the way things are going in your life


Dream about horses and dogs is sometimes poise and grace. You are in tune with your surroundings. You are keeping your anger inside, instead of expressing it. This dream symbolises your need to rejuvenate and restore your body, mind and spirit. You will eventually gain your deserved dignity and its outcomes.

Horses and dogs points to romance, fantasy and idealistic love. You are a fighter. You are constantly comparing yourself to others and how you measure up to them. This dream points to your appreciation for the simple things in life. You are well-grounded and supported by those around you.

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