Dream about House Raid

Dream about house raid is an alert for a lack of direction in your life. You are lacking control of where you life is going. You do not want to offend a person or overstep your boundaries. Your dream is an omen for your unrealized talents. You need to maximize your resources and make something out of seemingly nothing.

House raid sadly draws attention to your need to downsize some aspect of your life in order to make it more palatable or manageable. You constantly find things going wrong. You are feeling overwhelmed by problems. This dream is a sign for deception. You need to think twice about repeating or sharing certain information.

House raid in dream is a warning for cleaning from your troubles and problems. You are experiencing uncertainly in the choices that you are making. You lack creativity, individuality and initiative to venture out on your own. Your dream is unfortunately a warning alert for a feeling of helplessness and not being able to escape from life’s problems or stresses. Perhaps you are lacking confidence and suffering from low self-esteem.

Dream about house raid is unfortunately an attack on your ego

Something that has been incubating for a while is ready to be unveiled. You need to make sure to think things through clearly. Your dream expresses boredom. You feel violated or taken advantage of in some way.

House raid symbolises your one-sided views. You need to be more careful when offering emotional support as your may be overextending yourself. You have lost your way or direction in life. This dream hints a regression into childhood, where times were more innocent and carefree. There may have been a misunderstanding or a situation was misperceived and needs to be clarified.

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