Dream about Husband Hitting Me

Dream about husband hitting me denotes small annoyances and minor problems. You need to take it easy and not be too hard on yourself. There is no one listening to you. The dream is a message for having or lacking basic control of your life. You are overly concerned with how others perceive you.

Husband hitting me unfortunately draws attention to some instant gratification that is having long term negative effects. You are lacking the abilities needed to achieve some desired goal. You are too dominating or too overbearing. The dream signals fear, anger, aggression and your quick temper. Nothing will be gained by deceit.

Husband hitting me in dream is vanity, conceit and your unchanging or unyielding nature. You are not making any progress in life. You have nothing to hide. Your dream is an evidence for some emotional of physical need that you are currently lacking in your life. You may feel confined, trapped, or suffocated in a relationship.

Dream about husband hitting me is a symbol for your vulnerabilities and weaknesses

You are not expressing yourself in a healthy or effective manner. You are being none or nothing. The dream is a metaphor for difficulties in communicating other people. You are letting go of some negative energy or emotion.

Husband hitting me is sadly an alert for your sloppy attitudes and incoherent thoughts. You are being too loud or too vocal. You need to learn to laugh at yourself and not take yourself so seriously. This dream is a warning signal for issues and feelings that you have not dealt with. You should not underestimate someone’s ability because of their size.

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I had a dream of my husband beating me in my face


I had a dream and my husband was beating me terribly.I got bruises all over my body and I saw my family members standing there and watching helplessly while my mother who’s already dead was standing there too and she was trying to help me escape. I looked down and saw that my chest was beaten and the flesh and chest bones broken and torn open and my lungs and some arteries and veins were showing.
I called for help and some law men were there and I cried and asked them to issue a preventive order