Dream about Laptop Broken

Dream about laptop broken points at the womb and birth. You need to confront an issue or problem for it is destroying your sense of harmony and balance. You feel stuck. The dream states your need for the truth. Something may look good on the exterior, but prove empty or unsubstantial on the inside.

Laptop broken is a harbinger for a need to feel protected and shielded from the elements. You are becoming confrontational and quarrelsome. You are getting carried away by your feelings. Your dream means renewal, rejuvenation and cleansing. Perhaps you need to go to the doctor.

Laptop broken in dream indicates responsibilities and expectations. There is nothing to show for all the effort that you have dedicated to a project or relationship. You saw something that you shouldn’t have seen. The dream denotes conception. You are ignoring the desires of the inner child within.

Dream about laptop broken hints travel plans in your future

You feel that you have been wronged. You need to confront the situation or the person despite the pain and discomfort you might feel in doing so. Your dream is a message for a significant message or some advice. You overlook your own feelings in order to tend to the needs of others.

Laptop broken means your desires to conform and fit in. You are afraid that if you reveal these feelings, then others around you will judge and criticize you. You want to add some spice to your life. This dream is an omen for some sort of advice or message from your subconscious. You are analyzing yourself and your own thoughts from an objective view.

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I have a problem and I need help, I moved with some family friends to where they live. So I can stay with them and make some money too but on getting to their place things wasn’t moving fine as I expected and after some months things haven’t moved a bit. In the first dream I had, there was lots of cows all over our streets and I was walking in their midst heading somewhere unknown… Then 2days after being today I just had another dream about my laptop being spoilt.. I’m so stressed this minute