Dream about Long Socks

Dream about long socks represents your own feelings of insecurity. You feel that you are being judged or criticized for your choices and actions. You are more of a follower than a leader. The dream is a hint for prosperity and abundance. You should rethink the way you are approaching any of your current problems.

Long socks states the innocence and carefreeness of being a child. Perhaps it is time to make amends. Perhaps you are questioning your own loyalty or the loyalty of others. The dream points to your generosity. Perhaps you need to practice meditation.

Long socks in dream points to your humbleness. Perhaps you need to be more disciplined. Perhaps you feel that you are undeserving of the things you already have. This dream is sometimes your ability to offer your support to others. You need to focus on your goals.

Dream about long socks is a sign for a need for relaxation and a long-deserved break

You are unveiling aspects of your subconscious. You tend to put the needs of others ahead of your own. The dream is a premonition for the beginning of a new stage. You need to come clean about some matter.

Long socks suggests inner turmoil. Perhaps you are on a diet. You need to be more mature about some situation. Your dream signals your leadership abilities. You need to learn to ask for help from others.

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