Dream about Mangalsutra

Dream about mangalsutra is a premonition for the opening of the Self and the need for emotional healing. You are open to acknowledging and confronting your subconscious feelings. With perseverance and strong-will, you will make it far in life. This dream hints your free and independent spirit. You are literally unearthing some deep content.

Mangalsutra represents enlightenment, spirituality and humility. You are reflecting back on your own accomplishments, memories and key moments in life. You are open to new ideas and easily influenced. The dream refers to your relationships with others and how they fit into your life. You will successfully overcome a problem that was giving you much anxiety.

Mangalsutra in dream is a hint for connection to your spirituality and the divine. You and your actions are being called into question. You are taking matters into your own hand. This dream is a signal for family and an idyllic life. You need to fulfill and gratify your hunger for love and desires.

Dream about mangalsutra states wealth and prosperity

You are moving in the right direction. You are able to confront tough obstacles and get around barriers with success and ease. Your dream represents progress and achievement. You are proud of your accomplishments and achievements.

Mangalsutra is something that you regret saying and wished that you can somehow take it back. Perhaps there is something that you need to keep safe. Somebody or something is calling your attention to an area that you need to be more aware of. The dream signifies you sensuality and emotions. You are feeling alienated or alone in a new environment.

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Renuga Thangarajoo

Dream of someone trying to rob my gold mangalsutra, I ran away and throw it nearby place and once husband came to help I’m going to the place again and took back…there is no break in the chain but I’m trying to make sure it is not spoiled or broken. Husband at the same time managed to catch hold the robber and warned him if the mangalsutra is broken you have to pay for it


I had a dream of broken gold Mangalsutra


I saw my own mangalsutra closely and I am admiring the beauty of my own mangalsutra pendent.