Dream about Milk Flowing From Breast

Dream about milk flowing from breast hints an immature attitude towards the opposite gender. Something does not add up in your life. The problems of others are becoming your own problems. The dream signals your simplistic needs and desires. You need to put forth more effort in order to overcome your little problems.

Milk flowing from breast is an alert for an idea that has emerged from your subconscious. You will find certain temptations hard to resist even though you know it is not in your best interest. You are feeling trapped by your aspirations. This dream points at some embarrassing situation. You are desperately trying to escape from the demands of your daily life.

Milk flowing from breast in dream is unfortunately a warning signal for your abilities to proceed with whatever you want to do. You are experiencing some overwhelming turmoil or problems in your life. You need to stop reliving the past and learn to let go. Your dream stands for limitations, obstacles and boundaries. You are being too petty over minor issues.

Dream about milk flowing from breast signals the young, the helpless or the under-developed

You are trying to cut your problems into smaller, more manageable sizes. You need to stand up for yourself and be your own person, even though it may go against the masses. The dream is sadly your lost of trust in someone or something. You want to approach your emotions and problems head on, even though it may be painful or uncomfortable.

Milk flowing from breast is about emotional issues and problems. You have been gossiping too much. You need to adjust your attitude or run the risk of offending others. This dream is unfortunately a warning for your need to pay attention to your inner voices and intuition. You may be unsatisfied with your present relationship.

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