Dream about Oiling Hair

Dream about oiling hair represents masculine power, dominance and energy. Wisdom and knowledge is better than wealth and money. You are turning to food as a companion. This dream stands for integrity and your basic, core characteristics. Your relationship with your parents has evolved into a new realm.

Oiling hair is a signal for determination, strength and wisdom. Someone is mocking you or making fun on you. You are seeking a deeper knowledge and a deeper understanding of yourself. Your dream symbolises some spiritual communication. You are comfortable with confronting your feelings directly.

Oiling hair in dream signifies your desires for a more gratifying and exciting life. You are needless complicating a simple issue. You can make a change. This dream is a portent for love protection and domestic bliss. You are on a new path.

Dream about oiling hair is a signal for self-renewal and positive change

It may be a signal for you to clean out and reorganize your life. You want to know what is ahead for you before you commit to something. Your dream is sometimes working together toward a common goal. You are strongly connected to your spirituality.

Oiling hair indicates emotional curiosity and your need for some sensual stimulation. You have blended into the background. You will struggle fiercely and courageously to realize your highest ambitions and greatest desires. This dream indicates prosperity, strength, durability and creativity. You feel that it is always someone’s fault or someone else’s doing.

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