Dream about Parents Injured

Dream about parents injured signifies commerce, vision, success and imagination. You are being rewarded and recognized for your generosity and giving nature. Your transition will be an emotional one. Your dream signifies a sense of well-being and a refreshed state of mind. You are ready to confront some news.

Parents injured represents warmth, family and togetherness. You are starting or entering a new stage in your life. You feel someone is taking advantage of you or is using you. Your dream hints harmony amongst friends and loved ones. You are keeping a secret.

Parents injured in dream expresses intellect, awareness, knowledge and a higher power. You are going to great lengths to try to get your hands on something, even through underhanded means. It is a time to reflect on your situation and what is going on in your life. Your dream is a sign for a spiritual quest. You are heading in the right direction and asking all the right questions in the process.

Dream about parents injured symbolises feeling so negativity and inferiority

You feel a huge weight has been lifted. You have successfully come to a resolution of some problem. This dream is a portent for your self worth and what you have to offer to the world. You are too structured in your thinking.

Parents injured expresses life, humanity and science. You are striving for a higher status in life. You will succeed via your own means. The dream is an evidence for some unusual aggression. You are successfully acknowledging certain emotions and characteristics.

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