Dream about Past Death

Dream about past death draws attention to the hardships and difficulties that you are experiencing in your life. You are approaching a situation all wrong and need to look at it from a different perspective. You are trying to gain a better perspective on some issue. This dream is a signal for despair and hopelessness. You are too moody.

Past death means a lack of respect or taste. You are devoting too much attention to someone or something. You are unable to express yourself effectively. Your dream is a warning for a lack of maturity or capabilities. You don’t let stress and pressure get to you.

Past death in dream is a signal for your yield to authority. You are being too materialistic and superficial. You are doing harm to yourself with your reckless behaviors and activities. Your dream is a metaphor for issues with money. Your ideals are set too high.

Dream about past death is an alert for someone who is cold or distant

You are not getting the full picture. Are being taken advantage of or feeling violated in some way. Your dream expresses indecision and how you are unable to commit to something. You have many options to weigh and decisions to make.

Past death refers to issues that you are keeping to yourself instead of confronting. You are unsure of where you are headed in life. Instead of taking control of your life and being more proactive, you are just letting things happen. The dream is about complications in your life. You are trying too hard to be likeable.

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