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Dream about Pulling Needles Out Of Skin

Dream about pulling needles out of skin is sometimes your fears and anxieties about the future. You are not owning up to something you have said. You need to give more of. Your dream is a harbinger for lurking danger and enemies working to do you harm. You are attempting to disguise a situation and refusing to see it as it really is.

Pulling needles out of skin symbolises your determination and drive toward your goals. Perhaps you are keeping too much of your emotions inside. You are protecting yourself from getting hurt. This dream draws attention to repressed emotions and unexpressed feelings. You are slowly acknowledging aspects of your subconscious.

Pulling needles out of skin in dream indicates unresolved issues and aggressive behavior in your life. You are trying to manipulate some situation. You are letting trivial matters and minor problems annoy you. The dream represents a potential for change or the unexpected. You need to soothe the child within you.

Dream about pulling needles out of skin is a symbol for a significant message or some advice

Perhaps you are getting involved in some issue where you are not wanted. You need to trust in your ability to overcome the negativity in your life. This dream means a competitive nature and leadership. You need to question certain authority.

Pulling needles out of skin draws attention to aspects of yourself. You need to be more compassionate or giving. You may be going through the three-step process of denial, acceptance and finally moving on. The dream states your own personal principles. You are trying to either hide your intentions or conceal your true self.

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I had this dream last night, I have dreamt of this same dream before.
I am pulling all different lengths and shaped silver pins from all over my body.
Sometimes they come out easily then some pins with a hook end get stuck. These pins with the little hook can hurt the other pins don’t.
However the pins just never seem to end.


I dream that an unknows lady helping me to pull out needles on myleft thie/lap and she also told me to look on the other side that there was another lady looking at us and she told me that the other lady is not happy that she is helping me getting the needles out and that we r laughing what doe the dream mean


Last night, I dreamt of pulling long metal straight pins from my head. It didn’t hurt at all but there were so many. This is a recurring dream. The object I’m pulling from my body are pretty much the same, glass or pins.


I had a dream last night about pulling sewing needles out of the back of my left hand. Some of them had fishing line(as I have been doing projects with this, fishing line isn’t a surprise) on them. I began pulling them out one by one. Sometimes there was small amounts of blood.

All the needles were horizontal and easily pulled out. They also did not cause much pain.

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