Dream about Receiving Yam

Dream about receiving yam is an evidence for a brand new project. You need to pay attention to your intuition. Perhaps you need to change your attitude or ways. The dream is an indication for some love triangle or some relationship conflict. You need to exercise some restraint in your own personal and social life.

Receiving yam represents prosperity in your future. You need to stand up and defend your beliefs. You are trying to maintain harmony and peace. The dream is a signal for harmony and cooperation in a situation or relationship in your life. You want to recapture something that you have lost, but once valued or cherished.

Receiving yam in dream states your cheerful disposition and outlook on life. You need to be in control of your destiny. You feel that you are literally being ripped apart. Your dream is a clue for your need to turn or change your style. You are trying to escape from the confines of social expectations.

Dream about receiving yam is a harbinger for your responsibilities and burdens

You are being prevented from fully expressing yourself. You are being forced to face your feelings. The dream is a clue for a person who is very stubborn. You need to learn to be more independent and self-sufficient.

Receiving yam is a harbinger for your desires to find perfect happiness. You need to break out of the mold. Some people are motivating you to do better. This dream indicates your insecurities about your brain power. There is some information that you need to reveal or share.

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in my dream, I was with my family, my daddy and I was outside a man brought big bag of dry pepper with lots of big tubers of yam inside it, my mom was bringing the yams outside, I don’t know the meaning.

Ozoemena Johnson

Good Day Dear Messenger. In my dream, I saw myself in a farm, tilling the soil and so many people were rushing and donating tubers of yam to me, begging me to accept it.

Secondly, for some times now, I have been seeing myself in exam hall but I am already a Graduate.

Please I need interpretations.


I have a dream where I was sharing tubers of yam to elderly people,what doesn’t it mean please