Dream about Saving A Drowning Cat

Dream about saving a drowning cat signals your desire to do something important and leave an impression on others. You are in need. You are suppressing some energy or denying your own power. Your dream is a signal for human kindness, wholesomeness and compassion. You are seeking warmth and comfort.

Saving a drowning cat is a signal for an independent spirit, feminine emotions, creativity and power. You are recognizing your talents and accomplishments. You are able to land on your feet and overcome difficulties with grace. Your dream is a clue for introspection and deep thought. You have a positive perspective on life and in where you are headed.

Saving a drowning cat in dream represents summertime ease, leisure and relaxation. You want to be admired and wanted. You are feeling deprived of your needs and desires. This dream signals endurance and freedom. You have blended into the background.

Dream about saving a drowning cat is a premonition for awareness

You are able to maximize your full potential. An important person in your life could represent an aspect of your own self. Your dream is sometimes your ability to move and traverse through life with relative ease. You are headed into a new direction.

Saving a drowning cat is an omen for longevity and long term goals. You feel abandoned. You need to think big and keep an open mind. Your dream is a signal for guaranteed success. With time and patience, you will make steady progress.

Your dream will come true !!!

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