Dream about Seeing Mother Mary

Dream about seeing mother mary is a message for life, expectations and questions. You are undergoing some inner changes and transformation. You are overly confident in your future success. The dream is a symbol for the start of a new love. You are exploring aspects of your subconscious mind and emotions.

Seeing mother mary is a clue for your enthusiasm and uplifted spirit for some matter or occasion. You are feeling satisfied and happy about some situation. You are feeling disconnected and neglected, both emotionally and physically. The dream is a sign for wholesomeness and homegrown goodness. You are experiencing a sense of liberation and freedom.

Seeing mother mary in dream hints wealth, riches, natural healing, illumination and spirituality. You will be recognized and rewarded for your achievements. You feel you are self-destructing. This dream hints sun, fire and masculine power. You are taking the higher road in some situation.

Dream about seeing mother mary is a signal for long life and longevity

You are experiencing new-found freedom and gaining a new perspective on things. You are putting up a facade. Your dream states strength and power. You feel accomplished in your goals and satisfied with your life.

Seeing mother mary is a premonition for your potential to achieve your goals. You are looking at life from a new perspective. You need an uplift to your spirit. Your dream signifies a careful and well-thought out plan. It is time to share your new ideas.

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I had a dream about Mary with 12stars around her going counter clock wise


I have dreamed of the blessed Mother Mary a combination of our lady of Fatima, the Miraculous Medal, guadalupe and Lady of Lourdes,she was sitted shining so bright all white and and with rays of white and light golden light.she sttod up and comforted me with just a very caring, and loving eyes, my grandmother is with her,and i cried all my heartaches to Mama Mary and my grandma..they comforted me.and when i awake as if i was renewed


Thank you so much…


I have dreamt of the Statue of the Blessed Virgin Mary, a beggar prayed and kissed the statue and then Virgin Mary light up all of a sudden forcing us to come out of the cave for it has so much brightness. Came back and Virgin Mary is all wounded with blood.


I had a dream, i was in a field and behind me was a mountain. Suddenly the sky became so red and the mountain vanished and Mama Mary appeared as high as the mountain. Then i saw a tomb and my mother came out of this tomb and grab me by the hand. She asked me to ran with her because its the end of the world she said. What does it means? Thanku so much


I dreamt of Mother Mary in a long black veil. The place was in my hometown parish church, I was so afraid of her I ran then came back and snd lied down facing the floor to beg for forgiveness.


I saw a statue of the Virgin De Guadalupe in the middle of a water fountain with aloe Veras around growing . I was walking out of the pool and poke myself with one of the aloe veras trying to get out of the pool fountain the Virgin was in


I had a dream of the Statue of Mary that suddenly moved and looked at me.


I had a dream of the statue of Mary that moved and looked at me.

Michele Badur

I had a dream last night that Mother Mary was before me my eyes were closed and this white light was Mary, it was all around me, knowing this I kept saying Hail Mary’s still while my eyes were closed, and knew this light was around me and in front of me. I asked if I could see my grandmother, I opened my eyes and saw her my grandmother and she embraced me and said ohhhhh. I was so happy to have dreamed this as well as remembered it.


I dream about mama marry came down from light and she fall and the sea goes high like tsunami


I had a dream about mama Mary smiled at me , dressed with red , were hugging and im crying


I saw Mother Mary in my dream carrying baby Jesus standing by my window


I dreamt the Our Lady passed by me and I saw her beautiful face. I was so amazed how beautiful she is.


i dreamt i was prayer in front of mother mary status. she was decorated with flowers and candles were lighted in front of her


I had a dream of our blessed Mother Mary and our beloved Lord Jesus Christ, they both appeared in the sky. Mother Mary Is wearing a plain white and it seems she is crying and sad and the image of Lord Jesus Christ is when He was on the cross wearing the crown of thorns and it seems that He is sad also and seems that He is in difficult situation carrying our sins.
please help me understand the meaning of my dream, thank you and God bless us all!


Saw Mother mary in a cememtery with flowers and sunshine and then there was a big black bear walking on a leash while i tried to use a key to unlock my car.


I dreamt talking to mary .. she was in the sky but she managed to talk to me and gave me books to pray… i also dreamt that i was sitted with my sister mary appeared again and she gave me a gain books to pray and she told me that the person who will text me is going to mary me .. kindly interpret for me this


I saw mother Mary meeting me in the dream and I was happy and content and said I don’t need anything now since I have met her. She talked to me. She was visible only to me and while I tried seeing on the mirror she was not visible to others.

Asiimwe victor Tibasiimwa

I had adream haging holy mother marry and saying Holy Mary prayer while haging her! I feel so happy and blessed about it

Tina Louise Leon

I dreamt that the Virgin Mary, mother of God appeared to me with something small to the right of her. They both shared a rainbow aura. She was in the clouds to the east there was a spotlight on her face to see her true identity.


i had a dream where me and my dad started swimming somewhere in the sea torwards something,out of nowhere huge and strong waves strucked us but we managed to survive and then somehow we found a pathway that leaded us to a church and Mother Marry was saying something i couldn’t understand ,then the dream ended with me and my dad praying to the lord ,idk what any of it means.


I’m not catholic and was raised Baptist but no longer practice. Last night I had a dream of mother Mary. In the dream I knew it was her and referred to her as mother. We didn’t actually talk but there was communication without words. She stroked my hair and calmed me as if I were a child. She was basically telling me everything will be okay. In the dream she was right there with me in my room, in my bed like a mom who’s tucking in her baby.

Visitor 11

I dreamed that I was on a dark ceiling in an old house.There was church candlestick with many candles and only one burning. When I approached, it went out. I tried to light it, but it began to melt and the fire crackled. Right next to the candlestick appeared an icon of the Virgin Mary with the infant, which was covered with wax. As I tried to light a candle, the wax on the icon ignited and engulfed it in flames. The wax itself burned, and the icon remained intact.


I saw Mother Mary wearing white clothes in statue very clear image.and the other one walking back and fort wearing white dress at the same time in the living room of my boss in america.what does it implies.


I had a dream about Mother Mary she wear a blue dress and a white inner she had a long curly hair. Many people are visiting the church to see mother mary beside the church is a waterflls very clear water and i hear the sound of the water falling down to the ground. I was with my husband & son i see many people entring a old house with thr childrn.


I dreamed mother Mary was behind me in the mirror hiding me as I was crouched down on my knees. She was telling me to let go, let God take over and as she put her hands over my body I felt like I was changing, I was afraid though, and when I looked up at mirror,at my own reflection , I was mother Mary. I became very frightened and begged forgiveness and to stop.. saying I was not ready for whatever was about to happen.. I woke up crying and scared, but woke to a gleaming light on my ceiling.

Mary Ann

I dream Mother Mary crowned by Jesus I saw the face of Lord Jesus and I know he is not him 🙁 I know he is more tall than him. Many people watching and celebrate on that day and I saw Mama Mary bright like a sun a statue became Mama Mary on that day. What is the meaning of this dream?


I had a dream that i was in a car in the backseat with my cushion and i looked out the window and seen Mother of Mary with a baby in her hand and she was surrounded by light, and it was going in and out and i was holding my cushion hand in and i was seeing white and then it ended there


I dreamt of a long carpet in a huge building being removed and underneath it was a large beautiful mural/painting of the Virgin Mary dressed in blue and praying, She was surrounded by all the saints as well. I was in awe and cannot explain how wonderful I felt at that moment.
I turned to my friend and asked him if religion was coming back.
That’s all I remember