Dream about Seeing Mother Mary

Dream about seeing mother mary is a message for life, expectations and questions. You are undergoing some inner changes and transformation. You are overly confident in your future success. The dream is a symbol for the start of a new love. You are exploring aspects of your subconscious mind and emotions.

Seeing mother mary is a clue for your enthusiasm and uplifted spirit for some matter or occasion. You are feeling satisfied and happy about some situation. You are feeling disconnected and neglected, both emotionally and physically. The dream is a sign for wholesomeness and homegrown goodness. You are experiencing a sense of liberation and freedom.

Seeing mother mary in dream hints wealth, riches, natural healing, illumination and spirituality. You will be recognized and rewarded for your achievements. You feel you are self-destructing. This dream hints sun, fire and masculine power. You are taking the higher road in some situation.

Dream about seeing mother mary is a signal for long life and longevity

You are experiencing new-found freedom and gaining a new perspective on things. You are putting up a facade. Your dream states strength and power. You feel accomplished in your goals and satisfied with your life.

Seeing mother mary is a premonition for your potential to achieve your goals. You are looking at life from a new perspective. You need an uplift to your spirit. Your dream signifies a careful and well-thought out plan. It is time to share your new ideas.

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I had a dream seeing Mother Mary’s statue in the clouds and birds feeding from the it.then I saw a gift of gold necklaces given to me.


virgin mary looking at me in may dream and when i turn may head a saw mary at may back


I had a dream where I seen mother mary walking with people protecting her like a celebrity and everyone trying to follow her and I seen her in all white walking pass me , then I attend a show with all these kids in the show having fun , I was walking out the show before it ended and mother Mary was there and she looked at me and started praying over me , while she was praying I felt god presents around me , my eyes close but I can see bright light , I opened my eye only seening Mary I felt peace


I was having a dream about underwater tunnels , someone was pushing me into one on a browboat,some how I didn’t go through the tunnel and ended on some stairs .I walk up the little stairs and I seen this big brown tall thing on a circle and Mary pictures was on the circle, it was many pictures of her . I didn’t know ,What the brown thing was, I sat on the circle then when I got up it started to spin fast. it was other people in my dream to. It was very weird I didn’t understand none of it .


I dreamt about a statue of Mary made of jade and i was super amaze because i never seen one. Then after that, the priest took it and i was chasing him to bless me and he did stop and hold my hand and bless me. I wonder what does it mean.