Dream about Seeing Myself Preaching

Dream about seeing myself preaching is purity and cleansing of the body. You are taking and taking without giving. Your subconscious is psychologically preparing you for a new role. The dream points at your desires to hold onto a certain moment in your life. You are asking yourself who you truly are and what makes you you.

Seeing myself preaching is a hint for mobility, independence and freedom. You need to be more lively and energetic. You are carrying a heavy load. The dream is a message for success, prosperity and wealth. You have power issues.

Seeing myself preaching in dream is a sign for truth, belief, inspiration and knowledge. There is an aspect of yourself that has yet to be acknowledged or utilized. Your creativity is being put to work. Your dream means guts and strength. You have great self control and an ability to turn your emotions on and off at will.

Dream about seeing myself preaching points to wholeness and the circle of life

You hold the key to unlocking your inner feelings and emotions. You will find success and rise above those around you. The dream is an evidence for knowledge, spiritual enlightenment and new awareness. You hold them in high regards and are trying to learn from their wisdom.

Seeing myself preaching denotes value, warmth, riches, or luxury. It is time to let it go and let love in. You feel the need to defend yourself. This dream is a metaphor for your way of showing and exhibiting love. You are feeling exposed and unprotected.

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Dream about Preaching

Dream about preaching points to stinging remarks or hurtful comments. You are going around in circles in some area of your life. […]

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Am no longer praying because I find that God is no longer answering my prayer but last night I Saw myself preaching my family about salvation in dream what does it mean

Nimukunda Eleth kihika

Preaching and worshipping in a certain church ,where i have been once


I was preaching in a church and casting out demons


Am a born again but I dreamed when they have appointed me as a priest an Anglican church where we used to pray from at my tender age and later I started preaching.every one was ready to hear from me what does it mean?.