Dream about Serving Cooked Fish

Dream about serving cooked fish is a message for fear of being found out and exposed over your activities. You are dealing with some emotional situation or issue in your life that needs to be handled with care. You need time to cool off and calm down. Your dream is a metaphor for a state of tranquility. You are having problems saying what you really think.

Serving cooked fish is a sign for some special occasion. Perhaps you are going too fast or not keeping up. Perhaps, you are being too overly protective. Your dream hints some hidden talent or self-discovery. Perhaps you are acting like a spoiled brat.

Serving cooked fish in dream is a portent for a new and developing phase in your life. You need to reenergize and recharge yourself. You need to be more accepting. This dream is about your need for energy. You need to be more versatile in a situation.

Dream about serving cooked fish refers to some sort of divinity

You may need to undergo an image makeover. All your conflicts have dissipated. Your dream denotes reality. You need to learn to work together.

Serving cooked fish points to the undiscovered part of yourself. Opportunities are just out of your reach. You need to be more assertive, aggressive and confident in your abilities and talents. This dream states a physical boundary and how close you let others get to you. You are feeling ostracized or shunned.

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