Dream about Someone Else Mother

Dream about someone else mother is an alert for feelings of guilt or a breakdown of a plan. You do not have confidence in your own abilities. You are unsure of your own feelings or how to express yourself. Your dream is an admonition for your lack of security. You need to learn to verbalize your desires in order for others to know what you want.

Someone else mother is a hint for financial worries and concerns. You need to find a better way to express your feelings or you or someone will get hurt. You are taking on too many tasks and are weighed down by all the responsibilities. This dream indicates loneliness and loss. You are trying to cover up some mistake or some lie.

Someone else mother in dream is your attempts to save a part of yourself from being destroyed. You have literally lost your mind. You may be inexperienced, nervous or just unable to keep up. The dream points to self doubt. You are under severe intellectual stress.

Dream about someone else mother signals your instinctual urges

You feel your voice does not matter or that your opinion does not count. You need to sort out your feelings and re-organize some issues in your life, especially if you’ve experienced some trauma or turmoil recently. This dream stands for wishes or unrealistic expectations. Some information as presented may need to be deciphered and dissected in order to be understood.

Someone else mother is an alert for feelings of inadequacy, worries, regrets and fears of being discovered for who you really are. You are carrying around too many burdens and need to let go. You are struggling between good and evil and right and wrong. This dream is a portent for some sort of trouble that is entering your life. You are trying to shut out somebody or some aspect of your life.

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